ACH Positive Pay

The proliferation of ACH transactions has also resulted in an increase in ACH fraud (unauthorized ACH debits). For this reason, many business customers now ask their bank to “block” ACH debits from posting to their accounts. An ACH debit block is similar to a stop payment in that it disallows the transaction; however, the recipient is making the request rather than the issuer (as in the case of a traditional stop payment of a check). Since the “block” occurs at the account level, there are many options available to businesses to meet their specific needs.

ACH Positive Pay is an inexpensive “insurance” policy for business customers who receive ACH debits and want to ensure that the originators are authorized to receive these funds. Business customers may use ACH Positive Pay services on one or more Union Community Bank accounts.

ACH Positive Pay subscribers additionally have the opportunity to review all suspected ACH Debits and determine the final disposition of each item through the Business Online Banking system. Legitimate suspected items can be posted to the customer’s checking account and identifying filter criteria can be optionally updated to prevent future posting delays for items received from known originators.

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