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Investment & Line of Credit Sweep

Let your organizations cash work harder for you. Union Community Bank Investment & Line of Credit offers Sweep Services to businesses, organizations and not-for-profit customers – turning excess balances into interest-earning funds.

On a daily basis, Union Community Bank will “sweep” collected balances from a business checking account into an investment account with a market rate of interest. When the checking account requires funds, they are swept back into the account. The transfers are electronic and automatic based on predetermined criteria. You can choose an Investment Sweep, a Line of Credit Sweep* or a Combination Investment/Loan Sweep*. By utilizing our Sweep Services, we manage your cash balances, saving you time and increasing the earnings on your deposits. Contact your Union Community Bank representative for current investment options and rates of return.

* Requires an approved business line of credit

Union Investment & Line of Credit

  • Maximize earnings
  • Fully automated
  • Your target balance is maintained daily
  • Detailed statement showing daily transfer
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