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20Dec Prep for Tax Time: What to Look for in a Tax Preparer Take the stress out of tax season by finding a tax preparer that can meet your needs.
20Dec Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level - Increase Home Value If you’re looking for a way to increase home value, improving your kitchen is a great plan.

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27Sep How to Help Aging Parents with Their Finances By maintaining clear communication and legal upkeep, financial planning for your parents doesn’t have to be such a challenge.
27Sep Top 10 Business Books to Help You Succeed This list of business books includes some of the top titles recommended by the great business leaders of our time.
18 Sep Is a Home Equity Term Loan Right for You? A home equity term loan or line of credit can give you access to the funds you need to complete an important project.
18Sep Marketing Tips for Improving Customer Retention Customer retention is important for any business because bringing in new customers requires double the cost and effort.
6Sep How to Choose a Healthcare Plan for Your Employees With so many factors to consider, it can be tough to know where to start your search for a healthcare solution for your business. By taking it one step at a time, choosing an insurance plan doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.
29Aug Why Switch to Union Community Bank? Union Community Bank is committed to serving small businesses in the local community. By learning about our services, you’ll see why we’re such a great banking choice.
29Aug Back-to-School Budgeting for College Students If you’re a college student, this is likely your first time having to manage your own budget. By accounting for all your expenses early on, you can stay in great financial shape all semester long.
26 Jul How to Calculate Capital Expenditure Capital expenditure indicates the amount of funds that are devoted to long-term assets within a company. Learn how to calculate Capex and why it's important for business growth.
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