Business Banking

3Jan End of the Year Financial Checklist As the year comes to an end, complete these simple tasks to review the year your business has had and start planning ahead to be successful in the new year.
27Nov Setting Up Payment Accounts for Your Business Is your business looking for a payment solution that's quick and easy for your customers? Learn more about our merchant services available for your business.
10Oct How to Use a Business Line of Credit Can your business benefit from a line of credit? Find out the advantages a business line of credit offers.
31 Aug When Does Your Hobby Become Your Business? Does your money-making hobby qualify as a business? Find out the importance of understanding the difference between the two.
22Aug Maintaining a Budget for a Growing Business Getting ready to plan your business's budget for the next fiscal year? Check out the five figures you need to account for.
24Jul The Porter Furniture Building Project: A Downtown Lancaster Success Story Find out how Union worked with a local business to turn a 24-unit apartment building
28 Mar 5 Cash Flow Management Strategies Your Business Can Use Today! Cash flow management is crucial in the success of any company! Learn the five ways you can avoid cash flow road blocks.
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28 Mar How to Get a Loan to Start a New Business Make your business dreams a reality today and find out how to secure a loan for your new business.