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Building Brand Loyalty from the Ground Up

You’ve likely heard about the importance of branding. Establishing a strong brand identity is a great way to help customers recognize and remember what your business has to offer. And by creating a brand loyalty strategy, you can make sure that your brand message stays consistent. While every business will encounter different challenges and needs, there are a few tips that can help guide your approach to creating a brand loyalty strategy.

Create an Audience Profile

The first step in coming up with a brand loyalty strategy is to figure out who you’re talking to. Some key questions to ask include:

  • Who is your ideal customer? Think about the audience you’re trying to reach. Is your product or service intended for a specific demographic? How would you ideally like your customers to interact with your business?
  • Who are your actual customers? One of the most common ways to determine what your customer base looks like is to send out surveys or coupons. Coupon codes allow you to track the behaviors of your customers and surveys provide endless possibilities of information. Another great way to get to know your actual customers is to use social media to connect with your customers.
  • How can you cater to both? This is often easier said than done, but not impossible. Try unique ways to reach new clients without alienating your loyal customer base. This applies to print, digital, and storefront messaging. For example, write separate emails for new subscribers and existing subscribers. Provide incentives for new customers — such as a $5 discount on their first purchase — when they check in to your store for the first time on Facebook, but provide loyalty incentives for frequent visitors.

The types of information included in audience profiles can vary, but a good audience profile will include enough details to paint a relatively descriptive picture of a person or group of people. Typically, age, gender, geographic location, and interests are helpful points to touch on when creating a profile

Listen to Your Customers

Everyone likes to feel like their opinions are heard and their needs are addressed. This is why listening to your customers is important, not only for providing a positive experience, but also to establish brand loyalty. Engage with your customers online and in person to address any concerns and create a relationship. Asking customers for feedback shows that you care about their feelings. You can even provide incentives for customers to fill out surveys and share their feedback with you. Learning the needs of your customers is invaluable to the success of your business and will guide the direction of your brand loyalty strategy.

Reward Your Customers

According to, 49% of U.S. consumers feel loyal to brands that present them with small rewards. Personalized discounts, gift cards, and special offers are some great examples. You’ve likely seen punch cards at sandwich shops or cafes, where customers can mark each time they purchase an item to work towards a free coffee or sandwich. It can be as simple as a punch card or as elaborate as elite membership services.

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Expand Your Digital Footprint

It’s no secret that your representation on digital platforms can make or break your business. Establishing a strong social media presence is not only a great way to get to know your customers, but it also opens up opportunities to reach new people. Refer to your audience profile to guide your thinking about which social channels your customers might interact with most often.

Creating a digital newsletter is another great way to stay top of mind. Encourage your customers to sign up for your mailing list, so they can receive emails whenever you’re running a promotion or if you have exciting news to share about your business.

Along with emails, starting a blog is a great way to add continuous content to your website. Many companies use blogs as a platform to deliver valuable content to customers to increase their knowledge of the industry and help them feel invested in the brand.

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Get the Capital U Need

Implementing marketing tactics is well worth the investment, but it does cost some money upfront. It may be a good idea to establish a Union Business line of credit to support your marketing efforts. Our business lending team is ready to answer all your questions and get you set up with a plan that will work for your goals. Don’t hesitate to reach out and get your brand loyalty on point.

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