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Holiday Marketing Best Practices for Businesses

The holiday season can be a high-pressure time for many businesses. But having a solid holiday marketing plan will relieve some of that pressure. By following these holiday marketing best practices, you can feel confident that your season will be a success.

Start Early

Even if you’re not a retail business, the earlier you begin your planning, the better your chances for success. Take the time to brainstorm with your team and identify tactics you’d like to try and develop some creative angles for your campaign. No matter how efficiently you operate, leaving ample time to flesh out your ideas and address any unforeseen complications is an important best practice.

Also, keep in mind that if you need to order any signage, free gifts, or other items that require a third party vendor, you’ll need to account for the extra time it takes for printers to process your assets during the busiest time of the year. So plan to have your designs complete far enough in advance that you won’t be left scrambling as the holiday season sneaks up on you.

Try Personalized Messaging

The biggest challenge around the holidays is just cutting through the noise. One of the most effective ways to connect with customers in a sea of advertisements is to call them by name or use retargeting ads to remind them of products they’ve already considered purchasing.

Call Them by Name

Many email marketing tools feature an automated ability to include the recipient’s first name in the subject line or greeting of an email. This is generated by your email list and can be a great way to really catch a customer’s attention.

Retargeting Works

You can set up your website to track which pages shoppers have visited. This information is invaluable to marketers because it takes the mystery out of what their interests and intents may be. Retargeting ads remind customers of products they’ve already browsed—keeping you top of mind in the midst of all the holiday chaos.

Tailor Content to the Buying Journey

As with any marketing, you should always make sure that your messaging is relevant. For example, retargeting ads are not effective for customers who have already completed their purchase. Instead, you should promote your excellent customer service or help them get to know your brand in a new way as a means to turn them from a one time purchase into a loyal customer.

Use Storytelling

Often times, the best way to really connect with a customer is to tell a story. The key to effective storytelling in your marketing is to be authentic and show appreciation for your customers—show them how they can be a part of your story and make them feel valued. This can happen in any type of messaging—from billboards to in-person interactions. But, as with any type of marketing, it’s important that your messaging stays consistent across all your channels.


The holidays don’t have to be a stressful time for your business. By planning ahead and developing a strategic holiday marketing plan that you feel good about, you can go into the Christmas season feeling confident. And when all the holiday madness has calmed, you’ll be proud to see just how much your efforts paid off.

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