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No More Checkout Lines: Technology Updates You Can Do Now

When it comes to providing the best customer experience possible, using modern technology can make a huge difference. Any time you can streamline a process with the help of an automated system, you are saving time that you can devote solely to focusing on the needs of your customers. Best of all, a more efficient payment process will shorten checkout lines—because nobody likes waiting.

Merchant Services Solutions

If you’re not sure how to begin incorporating technology into your business, looking into Union Community Bank’s merchant services is a great place to start. Our merchant services include a variety of solutions to streamline your ordering and admin processes. All of these services are made available through our partnership with Elavon, to keep you at the cutting edge of secure payment technologies.

Accept Mobile Wallets

By accepting mobile wallets (such as Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, and Android Pay™), you can reduce the amount of time that each customer needs to spend at the checkout. This approach will keep the queue moving along to cut down on wait times.

Another advantage of mobile wallets is that they reduce the amount of cash your staff has to handle and account for—making them a much more secure payment option.

Remote Online Payments

You’ve probably noticed some businesses rolling out online ordering capabilities that allow customers to pay for their order from home, so that all they have to do is pick up their selection. This type of system makes a huge difference when it comes to shortening checkout lines.

Personalized Accounts

In order to implement a prepay system, most businesses will prompt customers to set up an online account where they can check their order status and save their history for reordering. Customers can simply sign into their account and access the information from anywhere. If a customer doesn’t want to create an account, you can also offer guest checkout options.

In-Store Mobile Payment Systems

The Converge Mobile payment system is a secure way to accept a variety of payment methods (including credit cards and several major mobile wallet options) right on your existing smart device. This feature enables your staff to move freely about your business and complete payment transactions while keeping the focus on your customers, rather than the payment process.

Inventory Management Through Your POS

Point of Sale systems that feature inventory management will automatically keep track of which items are moving out of your store. Whenever you can eliminate a manual inventory process, you’ll save a ton of time and most likely maintain a more accurate account of your best selling items.


Even if you don’t think that long checkout lines are an issue for your business, it never hurts to anticipate growth by making your processes as streamlined as possible. Customers will notice and appreciate your efforts to give them the best possible experience at your establishment. Because an efficient checkout process shows that you value your customers’ time. Plus, using technology to improve the speed and accuracy of your transactions will give you the freedom to focus on more important things—like making a personal connection with every customer you meet.

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