Financial Planning

10May Financial Spring Cleaning Checklist Spring clean your finances with these simple steps.
28Mar Financial Planning for Women Over 50 It’s a good idea for women over 50 to review their financial plan. Let’s examine some reasons why this is the case and some ways they can be proactive.
7Dec How Much Do I Need to Retire Are you financially ready to retire? Check out these questions you need to answer before you decide.
27 Nov When is it Time to Seek Financial Advice? When navigating life's big milestones, you need financial guidance you can trust. Learn about financial planning for weddings, children, retirement, and other big decisions.
10Oct Life Insurance Awareness Month Insure the financial future of your family, learn more about the importance of life insurance.
10Oct Benefits of a Health Savings Account Health Savings Accounts can save you money now and help you plan for future medical expenses. Learn more about their benefits today.
31 Aug Certificates of Deposit Want to learn more about certificates of deposit and how they can increase your savings? Learn more now.
18Aug Compounded Interest: Making Your Money Work for You Want the run down on how compound interest can help your savings grow? We make understanding compounded interest simple.
28Mar Financial Consultants Working for You at Union Community Bank Find out why Union experts are trusted advisors in Lancaster County and how they'll help set you up for financial success.
28Mar Safe Investment Options Are you ready to start investing you money but aren't ready to take on any risk? Check out these two low risk investments for first time investors.
17 Mar Investing in Your Future Are younger generations doing enough to set themselves up for future financial success? Find out how you can start investing in your future today.