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Can I Eat Healthy on a Budget?

You’re dedicated to your sensible budget, yet you want to eat healthy. You might feel like you’re two New Years’ Resolutions are at odds, but are they?

So here’s the big question can you really eat healthy on a budget?

The short answer: yes. But since that answer is probably about as satisfying as the junk food you’re trying to avoid, let us elaborate.

There are many people recently who are making moves to live healthier lifestyles. They’ve seen the writing on the wall and they know that they if they don’t they could be the 1 in the 4 Americans that dies from heart disease every year. One of the first steps is to eat healthy.

Eating healthy food doesn’t just improve your health, it tastes good, it supports local farmers, and it’s inexpensive. A lot of people may not believe that last part but it’s true. If you buy fresh healthy food smart, you can eat healthy on a tight budget. And you’re in luck – because living in Lancaster County means you have plenty of options for buying healthy food without destroying your budget.

Think Local, Eat Healthy

Living in Lancaster County means you’re living in the heart of some of the best farmlands in the country. The area is filled with local produce stands and farmers markets that offer delicious and fresh fruits, veggies, and cuts of meat for a fraction of the cost of larger stores.

If you want to eat healthy you probably want to eat locally

If you shop at the end of the day, prices can be reduced to get products off the shelf. But if you continually do this, make it mutually beneficial by buying in bulk.

Don’t just buy local, buy seasonal as well. When produce is in season the prices are much lower. But if there is a fruit or veggie you just have to have all year long, consider freezing it.

Buy in bulk – Your freezer is your one of your best tools when trying to eat healthy on a budget

If you go to a bigger grocery store, stay on the outside aisle. You’ll avoid splurging on unhealthy items in the center aisle. Instead focus on the fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats that border the inside of the store.

Build relationships, it’s all about who you know and so is shopping locally. Get to know your local farmers and let them know that you’ll take any produce or meat they need to sell quickly off their hands. Many of Lancaster’s vendors and farmers are friendly and once you build a relationship with them they’ll be more likely to keep you posted on when the best fruit or veggies are coming in.

Shop local regardless of weather, you can get great deals when the weather is bad. Rain, cold and even excessive heat can drive away customers means local vendors may offer discounts and less customers also offer more time for you to build a relationship with the farmer

Eating healthy starts with eating fresh food with no added sugars and preservatives. Union Community Bank is committed to our local community and farmers. Many of the local farmers markets only accept cash so don’t forget to stop at one of our ATM’s before heading out to market! There are over 48,000 ATM where you can use your Union Community Bank MasterCard® Debit Card. Find the one nearest you today.

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