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Lower Your Summertime Electric Bill With These 6 Simple Tips

There are so many reasons to love summertime – from backyard cookouts to days at the pool to gorgeous summer nights. It’s easy to feel carefree once summertime rolls around, until you get your electric bill at the end of the month. Summer brings a notoriously high electricity bill — an electricity bill high enough to knock your balanced budget right off its axis.

Follow some simple energy saving tips and you can take the sting out the summertime high electric bills spike. No guarantees, but you may even save enough to afford an overnight beach trip (or at the very least a pitcher of margaritas, with an umbrella)

Read on to scope the energy saving tips perfect to combat those high electric bills — which come courtesy of summer weather.

Causes of the Summertime Electric Bill Spike

It’s no coincidence that when summertime rolls around, your electric bill starts to go on the rise. But what are the specific causes? To fight your high bill you need to know what’s causing it. We’ll help you figure out where all that electricity is going and what you can do to keep your bill low.

More time for electronics

Summer vacation presents the perfect time to catch up with the electronics for college and school age kids who had limited screen time during the school year. Whether that’s a PS4 or just a TV, summer is prime binging time for students. The use of these electronics and the amount of energy needed to keep them charged goes on the rise this time of year. Encourage your kids to put down electronics to lower your electricity bill

What U Should Do: Implement an unplugged summer. It’s not only good for your electricity bill, but many experts recommend reducing the amount of time kids spend indoors in front of a screen. Encourage your younger children to go outside and play and suggest to your older children to check out summer job, internship, or volunteer options. 

Keeping Cool

Summertime in Lancaster can get pretty hot – with temperature sometime reaching triple digits. Paying to beat that heat, is the number reason for a high electric bill during the summer. When you handle the heat, you can handle your summer electric bill.

What U Should Do: During the day if no one is home, turn back your air conditioning and turn off fans. Check out energy-saving air conditioning units for even better saving options. 

Later nights = overtime lights

During the hot days of summer it’s not uncommon for people to become more active in the evening. When you can stay up late, chances are you stay up late. That means your lights are working an overtime shift every night which makes your bill begin to add up.

What U Should Do: Turn off the lights when you leave a room at night.

6 Tips to Trim a High Electricity Bill

#1 Unplug electricity vampires — to save when you’re not using electronics

Think we would tell you to cut back on electronic use? No way – just don’t pay for the electronics when you aren’t using them.

Electricity vampires is the term used to describe devices and appliances that drain electricity when they are plugged in but not in use. Televisions, game systems, and computers are some of the most ravenous energy vampires.

What U Should Do: Rather than unplugging them all individually, plug your electronics into a power strip — and cut the power when you’re finished.

#2 Turn down your AC whenever you leave the house or — don’t need it

This simple, few second habit can save you more than $100 over the course of a summer. All that savings without sacrificing a single degree of comfort.

What U Should Do: When you’re leaving your place, turn the thermostat back up, so you never pay to cool an empty house. When you get back home, kick the AC into high gear and enjoy. Newer programmable thermostat allow you to set your schedule and have the AC turn on and off automatically.

#3 Open your windows at night

Unless you live by a busy city street, nothing feels better than throwing your windows open on a cool summer night. Add a gentle breeze and you’re in heaven. Plus, all of that bliss lifts some of the burden from your AC and your high electric bill.

What U Should Do: Keep windows open when you can. Check your weather forecast ahead of time to make sure there’s no expectation for late night rain. 

#4 Consider an AC tuneup

Done by a professional HVAC company, an AC tuneup is used to make your AC more energy efficient, meaning you pay less for more cold air. While you need to pay for the tuneup itself, you’ll likely end up coming out ahead by the end of the summer. Most professional HVAC companies will offer the service for about $100, but if you shop around, you might be able to get an even better price.

What U Should Do: Call your local HVAC company and learn more about your options. 

#5 Use a ceiling fan — if you have one

If your place comes with a ceiling fan, you got lucky twice.

One: Because ceiling fans are dope. They add class to any room. Literally any room.

Two: Because ceiling fans keep you cooler without having to run your expensive AC. While they don’t actually cool the air, they move it around, making it feel cooler and more comfortable.

What U Should Do: On days when the heat is manageable, shut down the AC and switch to your fan. 

#6 Switch to LED lighting

If you’re not already taking advantage of the energy efficiency and long lifespan of LED lights, get on it now. Once upon a time, LEDs were expensive enough to make people forget about the long term money saving advantages. Now though, LEDs are cheap enough that everyone should use them.

What U Should Do: Upgrade now and trim those high electric bills.

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