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Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness… But Financial Stability Does Reduce Stress

We’ve all heard the age-old saying, “money doesn’t buy happiness,” and that is true. However, falling deep into debt can cause an unhealthy cycle where the feeling of being overwhelmed can lead to avoidance. And that avoidance only makes the problem worse. Let’s examine some productive ways you can manage your financial stress and feel happier!

Keep a Clear Head

When facing large amounts of debt, it’s easy for your perception to become clouded. It may seem like there’s no end in sight. But giving into hopelessness is actually the worst thing you can do for your situation. Instead, stay determined to find solutions. It sounds simple, but will make a huge difference in your financial and emotional well-being.

Temporary Hurdles

Most people will face financial stress at some point in their lives—whether it’s the loss of a job or an unexpected medical expense. But, typically, these are only temporary hurdles—and should be approached as such. Build a safety net and have a plan on how you would work through these situations. That planning will lessen the impact of those hurdles and ultimately help you get out of debt.

Financial Stress May be Avoidable

While, of course, some financial burdens are unexpected and unavoidable, many periods of financial strain can be predicted. Some common examples include: a new house, marriage, or having a baby. All of these major life changes require long periods of planning. Make sure your financial stability is factored into the plan.

Communicate with Creditors

In the event that you do feel completely overwhelmed by your debts, sometimes the best thing to do is to have an open conversation with your creditor. Explain that your bills have become burdensome. In many cases, lenders will be willing to work with you if you’re proactive. They may be able to freeze your interest until you’ve paid it down or create some other type of payment plan so that they get the money owed to them while relieving some of the burden from you.


Even though you may feel like there’s no end in sight when it comes to your debts, staying motivated to improve your financial situation is so important. There is hope for a debt-free life as long as you continue to pursue new solutions. Just remember that avoiding the problem is the worst thing you can do.

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