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App Safety: Best Practices

It is amazing to think about the prominent role apps take in our lives if you consider the fact that they haven’t been around that long. The first app only launched with the iPhone in 2007. In only a few years time, the growth rate of app development and usage has been staggering. We love our apps and use them for everything – from listening to music to keeping track of our sleep cycle, there are millions of apps designed to do any number of jobs. Apps make our lives so easy that we can often forget to do our due diligence when it comes to practicing app safety.

Apps today are extremely sophisticated and some could be tracking your contact information, passwords, and more. Some apps bury their true intentions in the listed permissions or use confusing language – their real intent may be harvesting your data and selling it to third parties. Don’t get us wrong, not every app is dangerous and many are excellent tools that help improve consumers lives. The important thing is to implement these safe practices to keep you and your information safe.

App Safety – What you Need to Know

Find Out More About the App

Read reviews before you download an app. One of the great things that has come out of online shopping is that you can see feedback from other customers right there on the site. Read through the reviews and see if anyone had any glaring issues with the app. While not every review is going to be accurate and a perfect representation of the experience you would have, they are still a good indicator of the app’s quality.

After checking out the reviews, take the time to learn more about the developer. Are they reputable? Do they have any history of fraud or security issues? You should be able to learn more about them. If there is little to no information available, it might be a good idea to pass on downloading the app.

Read the Full Permissions

We all make jokes about reading permissions pages. They are so long and filled with complicated legalese that we just automatically click “I agree” without knowing what we are agreeing to. However, it is important that you always make sure you understand what you are agreeing to, so you aren’t giving an app access to information you’d rather keep private.

Don’t Assume Every App is Safe

There are now hundreds of thousands of apps available. Even if your source for an app is legitimate, it can be impossible for the official stores to police every app. Always use good judgment before downloading an app.

While the majority of apps are harmless, it only takes one to infect your mobile device and to put you and your information at risk. Play it safe when deciding what to install on your mobile device. You’ll be glad you did!

We Keep You Safe

Practicing app safety is simple as long as you know what you’re doing. At Union Community Bank, we have developed an app to give you the convenience of on the go banking while keeping your sensitive banking information secure. The Union Community Bank app allows you to check balances, make transfers, and find bank locations. You can download the Union Community Bank app today and bank wherever you go!.

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