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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

With winter right around the corner, it’s important to start preparing your home to avoid costly damage later. Find out what fall home maintenance projects you’ll want to finish before the season ends to keep your home in good condition this winter and prevent you from having to spend much more money in the spring.

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Fall Home Maintenance To-Do List

Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

There are few things as unpleasant as having to take a cold shower on an already cold winter’s day. This can be an especially persistent problem for larger families with many people vying for the hot water. To prevent this issue in winter, get your water heater inspected in the fall.

Once you’ve had your water heater inspected, you may find out that it’s time to have it replaced. Consider an energy efficient heater to save money down the road. If you want your family to have unlimited access to hot water all winter long, check out a tankless water heater.

Bring in an expert if: Your water heater is over 10 years old, if it’s making strange noises, or you see rust build up.  Rust could be a sign that a leak has started.

Roof Maintenance/Replacement

The last thing you want this winter is to start having a leaking or damaged roof due to snow and cold weather. Not only will that be uncomfortable for your family, but it can damage your belongings, cause your heating bill to increase, and inflict structural damage on your home – leaving you wishing you had just invested in a new roof instead.

Bring in an expert when: Your roof shingles are buckled, cracked, or missing.

Chimney Cleaning

There is nothing quite like sitting by a warm fire in your home during the winter. However, if you don’t have your fireplace inspected and cleaned out in the fall, the experience may suddenly become a lot less pleasant. An uncleaned, clogged fireplace can be a serious fire and safety hazard. If you have a gas fireplace, instead of a chimney cleaning you may need to schedule an inspection to prevent unnecessary risks to your home and family.

Bring in an expert when: You check your chimney and see birds’ nests, branches and leaves, or other obstructions in your flue.

Clean Gutters

If your gutter and downspouts are clogged this winter, the accumulation of leaves, twigs, and debris can cause ice damns which wreak dramatic damage to your home. Check to make sure water isn’t going behind your gutters and that all the support brackets are securely in place. If you invest in upgrading your gutters in the fall by installing leaf guards  you can protect your home from expensive structural damage.

Bring in an expert when: Your gutter is filled with debris or if your gutter has suffered any damage during storm season.


Freezing weather and snow can cause dead tree branches to fall on your home, car, or can even injure someone if they aren’t properly cut back in the fall. A professional arborist can examine your trees and help prepare your home for winter.

Bring in an expert when: You see signs that your trees are dying or have overgrown.

Finance Your Fall Projects

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