Increase Home Value with a Kitchen Renovation | Long-Term vs. Minor Projects
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Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level – Increase Home Value

The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the first rooms prospective buyers look at during a showing. Whether you want to sell your house in the next six months or six years, you can increase its value by taking your kitchen to the next level.

Long-Term Kitchen Projects

If you want to sell your home eventually when you decide to upgrade, you should focus on kitchen renovations that you can enjoy in the meantime. Consider how you use this room and what your biggest problem areas are. If you suffer from a lack of counter space, for example, you can put in a kitchen island. Do the cabinets clash with the rest of your interior design plans? A custom installation can transform the space. The backsplash is another focal point in your kitchen you can change up.

The closer you are to the potential selling date, the more you want to think about what prospective home buyers want out of a kitchen. The quality of life improvements that are the highest priority to you may not end up being a concern for another family.

Minor Kitchen Renovations

Want a few minor improvements to boost the appeal of your house once it’s on the market? You want to focus on cosmetic changes to match buyer expectations for your area. Consider neutral colors to avoid any displeasing color combinations that turn off your buyers.

Painting the walls and cabinets is a low-cost and fast option to brighten up the room and make it appear larger. You can swap the cabinet doors or the hardware to freshen up the look.

Look at other listings in your area and replace appliances that look dated in comparison. If you’ve had the same kitchen flooring for years, the wear and tear might drag the rest of your kitchen down. New, reasonably priced tiles can go a long way towards helping you sell your home.

The right kitchen renovations make your kitchen more inviting and usable while also increasing your home’s value. When you’re considering short and long-term kitchen projects, keep these options on your list.

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