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Union Community Bank offers a variety of personal saving account options, including:

Personal Health Savings Account (HSA)

Save money now for future medical expenses with this simple and smart plan.

Certificate of Deposit

Earn interest by investing a specific amount of money over an allotted amount of time.

Money Market

Earn a premium interest rate without sacrificing liquidity.

Statement Savings

A valuable tool for saving money towards future financial goals.

Cash Back Savings

Automatically deposit cash back earned from your Cash Back Checking account.

Minor Statement Savings

Set your children up for future financial success with a bank account of their very own.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Plan for your future and start saving for retirement today.

Union Community Bank Offers Many Ways to Save!

If you’re looking to grow your personal savings accounts even more, consider one of our savings accounts with a competitive interest rate. A Certificate of Deposit is another great option to increase your savings – where if you put a certain amount of money into a CD for an allotted amount of time you’ll receive a higher interest rate. You might want also want to think about opening a Cash Back Checking and Savings account. When you spend money with your cash back debit card, you’ll receive cash back that you can save in your cash back savings account along with your monthly savings. Or, if you want a specific amount for how much you should be saving, visit our financial calculator page.

Get more out of your savings today by signing up for one of our Union Community Bank Personal Savings Accounts today. With 14 branches throughout Lancaster County, Union Community Bank is one of the area’s last remaining community banks.

What Makes A Community Bank Different?

are a big part of us.
That's why we're Invested in

With 14 branches throughout Lancaster County, Union Community Bank is one of Central PA’s last remaining community banks. What makes a community bank different? It’s not just local decision-making or friendly service. It’s our unique perspective. As a true community bank, we don’t just know the local economy – we’re part of it.

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