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Certificate of Deposit

A Union Community Bank Certificate of Deposit rewards patience with a better interest rate. By investing money into a Certificate of Deposit you can make more from your money by committing a specific amount of money for a specified amount of time.

A Union Community Bank Certificate of Deposit is an effective savings tool that gives you a guaranteed fixed rate on your investments with the security of FDIC insurance. Lock in great rates with terms up to 5 years and watch your savings grow. Interest paid by check or credited to checking, money market or savings account; or we can add interest back into your certificate of deposit. Using a Certificate of Deposit is simple and easy, keeping your money safe but be aware there is penalty for early withdrawal. Find out more about Certificate Deposits and how they can start making you money today.

Union Certificate of Deposit


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With 14 branches throughout Lancaster County, Union Community Bank is one of Central PA’s last remaining community banks. What makes a community bank different? It’s not just local decision-making or friendly service. It’s our unique perspective. As a true community bank, we don’t just know the local economy – we’re part of it.

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